December 15, 2018 Newsletter


One thing we can always count on with Michigan weather is change. Very wet, cloudy and cool conditions
have made it a challenge this fall, from getting crops harvested to just feeding cows through the mud. Oh how we wish that we could have had some of October’s excess rainfall back in July and August.

It is easy for us to complain about on how bad it is and that everything is working against us. But sometimes we need look at what is happening around us to make us realize it’s not as bad as it seems. Whether it is the California wildfires that have destroyed complete towns, a tornado that completely leveled out an entire farm, a hurricane that has flooded properties and lives that have been lost. With these events, people have lost everything that they have, pick up the pieces and need to start over. So in the broad picture, most of our problems are small and they really are not that bad. The mud will eventually freeze up (hopefully) and we will carry on!

Plans are currently being made for Michigan Beef Expo, March 29-30, 2019. Consider this as an opportunity of showcasing your cattle and a marketing option. Entry forms are due to MHA on January 15, 2019 for processing to be done for MCA by January 20, 2019. High resolution pictures only, no phone pictures can be used. If you have any questions regarding Beef Expo call me@ 616-437-3338 or e-mail @

With the winter season here, take advantage of it. Attend a trade show, catch up on reading that pile of mail and trade magazines or just slow down and enjoy what is around you. We can’t change yesterday, but can make a difference today and tomorrow.

Have a blessed holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Jim Steketee