Michigan Hereford Women

Our mission is to promote the Hereford breed. We are made up of women that have a passion and desire to see our breed become successful and are dedicated to supporting the Michigan Hereford juniors.

Michigan Hereford Queen

Lucie Ullom
Lucie Ullom, MHA Queen 2021-2022

The Michigan Hereford Women sponsor the Michigan Hereford Queen. A queen is selected and crowned each year. The Michigan Hereford Queen represents the Michigan Hereford breeders at local, state and national events.

Lucie Ullom of Coleman, MI was selected to represent the MHA as our queen for the next year! Lucie is a member of the MJHA junior board and is very passionate about the Hereford breed and looks forward to representing Michigan at the shows. Congratulations Lucie!

Michigan Hereford Scholarship Winner

Olivia Jannert
Olivia Jannert, 2021 Michigan Hereford Scholarship Winner

The Michigan Hereford Women award a $300.00 scholarship every year to a deserving high school and/or college student. Applications for the scholarship can be found on here. This scholarship is funded by our annual silent auction at the Michigan Hereford Association annual meeting. The proceeds from the silent auction are traded between funding the scholarship and given to the junior organization.

Olivia Jannert of Eau Claire, MI was selected as the 2021 MHA Scholarship recipient! Olivia is a member of the MJHA junior board. She is finishing up her education at Southwestern Michigan College and the MSU program. She will graduate in the fall and move on in the spring to Andrews University where she will start pre-vet med classes. Congratulations Olivia!

2021 – 2023 Michigan Hereford Women Board

President – Kristin Bielema
Vice President – Kara Schut
Treasurer/Secratary – Jill Bielema


Email: michiganhereford@gmail.com

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