Fall is here!

As summer comes to a close, fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Having those cool crisp mornings and the sun lighting up our beautiful fall colors make Michigan a great place to call home.

This year has been a challenge with COVID 19. All the cancelations of events, fairs and cattle shows have been very disappointing to say the least. With being in the livestock and agriculture industry we all have set backs and challenges every day that we find solutions for. One thing we need to do is stay strong and we will get through this together.

Fall is a great time with the spring calf crop being weaned and seeing how your breeding program has worked for you. Having a marketing plan is a must to be successful on the sale of your calves. There are many options that are available, private treaty sales, social marketing, online sales and live auctions. If we all work together, promoting the Hereford breed on their qualities. This is what makes us passionate on being Hereford breeders. Tell your story to potential buyers. This will make everyone successful by creating more demand.

Take note of the enclosed entry form for our 6th annual Fall Spectacular Show on October 3rd at Kent County Fairgrounds, Lowell. This is a great opportunity to get your cattle out and have a great time. Also promote this to your cattle buyers, with possibly paying for their entry to promote our association and Herefords.

Here’s to a successful fall and looking forward to seeing everyone in October!

Jim Steketee
MI Hereford Association President