September 1, 2019 Newsletter

Fall is upon us!

As our daylight hours decrease and night time temperatures drop we know that fall is here. This is one of my favorite seasons, with those cool crisp mornings and our beautiful fall colors that we are blessed with here in Michigan.

Once again we can’t say this spring and summer hasn’t had it challenges. A wet spring that most of us thought the rain would never end with fields that had wet spots that we haven’t seen in many years. Getting in the fields to plant row crops and putting up hay it has been one of those types of years thankfully we don’t see every year.

Fall is a great time of the year with calves being weaned, seeing how they have grown and developed. Having a marketing plan for those calves is a must to be successful, from on farm private treaty sales, online sales and live auctions. Spending the time with potential and past customers is priceless. Only you know what your cattle are and how they would fit into another one’s program. Your time spent will pay off now and into the future.

Take note of the enclosed entry form for our 5th annual Fall Spectacular Show on October 5th. Consider this as a great opportunity to get those show prospects out for the first time. If you are not able to bring cattle, still consider spending the day and enjoy lunch with us!

The board is considering on a date and venue change for our annual spring meeting. One of the options is to have it in February-March at Agro-Liquids corporate office in St. Johns on a Saturday. Your input is very important to us, let us know if you have any suggestions.

Hope you have a successful fall and hope to see you in October!

Jim Steketee