FALL!!…. Or as I like to call it the most wonderful time of the year!
With summer wrapping up and fall beginning, we are still quite warm and a touch drier
than we would like, but all in all it is shaping up to be a beautiful time of year.

It seems like we cannot kick this COVID-19 issue just yet, but that is not going to stop
me from inviting you to the First Annual Michigan Hereford Association Fall
Spectacular Bid Board Sale on Saturday, October 2nd, at Ionia Country
Fairgrounds. This will be held in conjunction with the Michigan Hereford Fall
Spectacular Show. As breeders, this will give all of us a chance to not only show our
livestock but to also market our livestock.

In these trying times we have had, being able to get out, show, and spend time with
our family and friends has been some of the best medicine for our heart and souls. All
of us breeders, new and old, have worked extremely hard this year to produce the best
livestock that we can offer. Let us get together on October 2nd and do just that!!!!

I would like to thank Christie Johnson for serving as a board member for a number
of years and also want to welcome Kristin Capparelli as a new board member. Thank
you to both of you!!!

Please find enclosed both of the entry forms for the Fall Spectacular Show and Bid
Board Sale. This day will also include our Annual Hereford Meeting; please bring any
questions or concerns you may have that you would like to be addressed at the
meeting. This meeting will also give you a chance to meet your 2021-2022 Michigan
Hereford Board Members!

We look forward to seeing you in October; have a great fall!!!

Best Wishes MHA President,

Charles Miller

MHA 2021 Fall Newsletter