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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Hope everyone had a great winter, it got cold for a bit but I think mother nature is getting straightened out.

Just wanted to give a huge thanks to the consignors of the Michigan Beef Expo. I know our numbers were small, but our quality was great.

I would also like to say thank you to Cody Hileman, Adam & Amanda Gaulke, Robin Riker, Molly Miller, and Bill Sheridan Family for their help with the sale. It takes an army to accomplish these things!

This year we have several candidates running for the board positions, and hopefully they bring some awesome ideas to the table for the up coming years. I would like to say thank you to Jim Steketee for all he has done for our breed in the state.

Have a great spring and breeding season.

Yours Truly,
Charles Miller, MHA President

Fall 2021 Newsletter

FALL!!…. Or as I like to call it the most wonderful time of the year!
With summer wrapping up and fall beginning, we are still quite warm and a touch drier
than we would like, but all in all it is shaping up to be a beautiful time of year.

It seems like we cannot kick this COVID-19 issue just yet, but that is not going to stop
me from inviting you to the First Annual Michigan Hereford Association Fall
Spectacular Bid Board Sale on Saturday, October 2nd, at Ionia Country
Fairgrounds. This will be held in conjunction with the Michigan Hereford Fall
Spectacular Show. As breeders, this will give all of us a chance to not only show our
livestock but to also market our livestock.

In these trying times we have had, being able to get out, show, and spend time with
our family and friends has been some of the best medicine for our heart and souls. All
of us breeders, new and old, have worked extremely hard this year to produce the best
livestock that we can offer. Let us get together on October 2nd and do just that!!!!

I would like to thank Christie Johnson for serving as a board member for a number
of years and also want to welcome Kristin Capparelli as a new board member. Thank
you to both of you!!!

Please find enclosed both of the entry forms for the Fall Spectacular Show and Bid
Board Sale. This day will also include our Annual Hereford Meeting; please bring any
questions or concerns you may have that you would like to be addressed at the
meeting. This meeting will also give you a chance to meet your 2021-2022 Michigan
Hereford Board Members!

We look forward to seeing you in October; have a great fall!!!

Best Wishes MHA President,

Charles Miller

MHA 2021 Fall Newsletter

Spring Newsletter 2021

Spring has sprung!

Spring is here, with most of the state having a relatively mild winter and below average snowfall. The one thing we can count on living in Michigan is our weather can change in the blink of an eye so April snowfall is not out of the question. Extended daylight and warmer temperatures gives us a new hope as the winter season passes.

Spring is an exciting time of the year with new calves on the ground and seeing how our breeding choices ended up. After calving it’s on to planning for breeding for 2022 and marketing your spring calf crop.

It’s hard to believe that it has been one year since the Covid 19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. We have all been impacted by this disease directly or indirectly. The future is looking brighter now though, with vaccinations taking place, helping to build immunity. As we move into summer hopefully life will start returning to a more normal state.

Please take time to cast your votes for current open board positions with enclosed ballot and mail back.

A big thank you to Tammy and Ben who have served on the board with their terms expiring!

Our annual meeting is being changed to our fall show (Fall Spectacular), the same as we had done last year.

Take care and be safe.

Jim Steketee
MHA President

Fall Newsletter 2020

Fall is here!

As summer comes to a close, fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Having those cool crisp mornings and the sun lighting up our beautiful fall colors make Michigan a great place to call home.

This year has been a challenge with COVID 19. All the cancelations of events, fairs and cattle shows have been very disappointing to say the least. With being in the livestock and agriculture industry we all have set backs and challenges every day that we find solutions for. One thing we need to do is stay strong and we will get through this together.

Fall is a great time with the spring calf crop being weaned and seeing how your breeding program has worked for you. Having a marketing plan is a must to be successful on the sale of your calves. There are many options that are available, private treaty sales, social marketing, online sales and live auctions. If we all work together, promoting the Hereford breed on their qualities. This is what makes us passionate on being Hereford breeders. Tell your story to potential buyers. This will make everyone successful by creating more demand.

Take note of the enclosed entry form for our 6th annual Fall Spectacular Show on October 3rd at Kent County Fairgrounds, Lowell. This is a great opportunity to get your cattle out and have a great time. Also promote this to your cattle buyers, with possibly paying for their entry to promote our association and Herefords.

Here’s to a successful fall and looking forward to seeing everyone in October!

Jim Steketee
MI Hereford Association President

Spring Newsletter 2020

Think spring!

Without a question, the current status of the world has been turned upside down with the current Covid-19 pandemic. This is something that none had expected or was prepared for. As I am writing this during the last week of April, the curve of cases are flattening and hopefully will be decreasing soon. 

Current restrictions have changed everyone’s lives, from being out of work to events and activities being canceled. 

Many thanks go out to our health care professionals, support staff and other essential workers that have given their time and dedication to keeping things going the best it can be.

Some of the things we can still look forward to this time of year, having those new calves on the ground and watching them grow and develop. The warmer weather to enjoy, with spring planting, hay making and other outdoor activities. 

Please remember to support your local businesses now and in the future!

With the current status, schedule of upcoming events for Michigan Hereford Association are currently on hold.  

Make note of the enclosed ballot for board positions, cast your votes and mail back. 

With everything there is a beginning, middle and an end. Stay strong and we will all make it through this.

Be safe, take care.


Jim Steketee

Winter Newsletter 2019


One thing for sure is with living in Michigan we always have something to talk about, the weather! Wow what an interesting year it has been, a wet cold spring and a long prolonged wet fall! Needless to say, there has been lots of struggles from getting row crops planted, hay cut this spring, keeping cows/calves out of the mud and crop harvest this fall.

A big thanks to Heather Breasbois and Robin Riker for all their hard work and dedication with being junior advisors. The growth and enthusiasm with the juniors is great to see!

Our Fall Spectacular Show in October continues to grow every year. Thank you to everyone that helped putting this all together and the exhibitors for making it a great success.

Please note, our annual MHA business meeting will be March 14, 2020 starting at 11:00 am @ Agro Liquid meeting facility St. Johns. This is a great facility and also centrally located for membership convenience. See enclosed information.

Plans are currently being made for Michigan Beef Expo, April 3-4, 2020. Consider this as an opportunity of showcasing your cattle and a marketing option. Consignor requirements and entry forms are enclosed in this newsletter. Entry forms are due to MHA on January 15, 2020. High resolution pictures only, no phone pictures can be used. If you have any questions regarding Beef Expo call/text me @ 616-437-3338 or e-mail @

As always, the MHA board always welcomes your comments and suggestions to improve our association.

We can’t change yesterday, but we can make a difference today and tomorrow.

Have a blessed holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Regards, Jim Steketee

Fall Newsletter 2019

September 1, 2019 Newsletter

Fall is upon us!

As our daylight hours decrease and night time temperatures drop we know that fall is here. This is one of my favorite seasons, with those cool crisp mornings and our beautiful fall colors that we are blessed with here in Michigan.

Once again we can’t say this spring and summer hasn’t had it challenges. A wet spring that most of us thought the rain would never end with fields that had wet spots that we haven’t seen in many years. Getting in the fields to plant row crops and putting up hay it has been one of those types of years thankfully we don’t see every year.

Fall is a great time of the year with calves being weaned, seeing how they have grown and developed. Having a marketing plan for those calves is a must to be successful, from on farm private treaty sales, online sales and live auctions. Spending the time with potential and past customers is priceless. Only you know what your cattle are and how they would fit into another one’s program. Your time spent will pay off now and into the future.

Take note of the enclosed entry form for our 5th annual Fall Spectacular Show on October 5th. Consider this as a great opportunity to get those show prospects out for the first time. If you are not able to bring cattle, still consider spending the day and enjoy lunch with us!

The board is considering on a date and venue change for our annual spring meeting. One of the options is to have it in February-March at Agro-Liquids corporate office in St. Johns on a Saturday. Your input is very important to us, let us know if you have any suggestions.

Hope you have a successful fall and hope to see you in October!

Jim Steketee

Spring Newsletter

March 12, 2019 Newsletter

Think Spring!

What a winter we have experienced this year. Bone chilling temperatures at times with daily snowfall have reminded all of us what a true Michigan winter can be. With our daylight increasing and the warmth of the sun this time of year we know that spring is just around the corner.

Late winter, early spring calving has been a challenge at times preventing frozen ears and getting that new calf off to a good start. This time of year can be challenging with getting up to go out and check cows throughout the night (or get up to check barn cameras), either way it can be tiring. Even so spring is an exciting time of year having those new calves on the ground after waiting to see what your breeding choices were.

Be sure to check out this year’s Hereford consignments at Michigan Beef Expo on March 29-30th. We have a nice offering that would make a great addition to your herd. Catalogs will be in the mail.

Our annual meeting will be held Friday March 29th 6:30 pm at Okemos Conference Center @ I-96 exit 110 Okemos/Mason Exit. Some of this year’s events, we will be auctioning off advertising pages for our new directory, having a silent auction, election of new board members and an update of what is happening with the Hereford Association by John Meents.


Jim Steketee

Winter Newsletter

December 15, 2018 Newsletter


One thing we can always count on with Michigan weather is change. Very wet, cloudy and cool conditions
have made it a challenge this fall, from getting crops harvested to just feeding cows through the mud. Oh how we wish that we could have had some of October’s excess rainfall back in July and August.

It is easy for us to complain about on how bad it is and that everything is working against us. But sometimes we need look at what is happening around us to make us realize it’s not as bad as it seems. Whether it is the California wildfires that have destroyed complete towns, a tornado that completely leveled out an entire farm, a hurricane that has flooded properties and lives that have been lost. With these events, people have lost everything that they have, pick up the pieces and need to start over. So in the broad picture, most of our problems are small and they really are not that bad. The mud will eventually freeze up (hopefully) and we will carry on!

Plans are currently being made for Michigan Beef Expo, March 29-30, 2019. Consider this as an opportunity of showcasing your cattle and a marketing option. Entry forms are due to MHA on January 15, 2019 for processing to be done for MCA by January 20, 2019. High resolution pictures only, no phone pictures can be used. If you have any questions regarding Beef Expo call me@ 616-437-3338 or e-mail @

With the winter season here, take advantage of it. Attend a trade show, catch up on reading that pile of mail and trade magazines or just slow down and enjoy what is around you. We can’t change yesterday, but can make a difference today and tomorrow.

Have a blessed holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Jim Steketee

Fall Newsletter

Michigan Hereford Association Fall Newsletter

September 1, 2018

Letter from the President:


As our daylight is decreasing and temperatures moderate, fall is on the way. Fall is one of my favorite seasons here in Michigan with the cool nights, warm sunny days and beautiful fall colors. Without a question this spring and summer has been a challenge for most of us. A wet spring making it difficult to get row crops planted and 1st cutting hay put up and summer with above average temperatures and drought conditions in most of the state. As with our Michigan weather there is always change and is unpredictable at times.

With the continued demand for Hereford cattle, it is an exciting time to be a Hereford breeder. As fall is approaching, spring calves are being weaned. Now is the time to start making marketing plans for your calves. Methods of sales range from private treaty sales, online sales, Michigan Beef Expo and other means. This takes effort on your part to promote your cattle to prospective buyers for your success.

Check out our new website @! With this there are many changes to benefit our membership. Some of these are a calendar that all members will be able to have their sales, events, etc. posted. As well as a forms page that will be accessible for upcoming events and sales.

A special thanks to Heather Breasbois and Robin Riker for all of their work put into Michigan Junior’s! It’s great to see the involvement and increased membership.

Our Fall Spectacular Show is coming up October 6th. With a venue change to Ionia County Fair Grounds. Please give this consideration as a place to get your cattle out and showcase them. See enclosed information in this newsletter.

As always we welcome your input, our association is only as strong as our membership’s involvement.


Jim Steketee

MI Hereford Association President

Junior News

Reflection of Faces of Leadership Conference:
When I found out I received a fully paid trip to California for the Faces of Leadership I was thrilled but only one thing scared me, getting lost in the airport. I hardly travel let alone fly. With that being said I did get lost for almost an hour. Despite getting lost I found my gate, along with Drew and we set off to San Francisco for a trip I will never forget!

First and foremost let me tell you how very grateful I was for this opportunity. I would recommend this experience to anyone thinking about attending the Faces of Leadership Conference. You will meet so many new people who all love to do the same thing you do, showing Herefords. You have an opportunity to personally get to know the NJHA Board of Directors. The three day conference was packed with people. Our keynote speaker was Kenny Aronoff who was voted into the “Top 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time” -Rolling Stone Magazine. He spoke about many valuable life lessons, but one that stood out to me in particular was, “If you want to see your future, look at your friends now”. He also emphasized another great point that when you are told you can’t do something and you’re passionate about it, do it anyways. Pursue your goals and never quit trying!
One of my favorite places that we visited was the Sierra and Pedretti Ranches. We also went to a robotic dairy farm where over 2,000 head of dairy cattle are milked by machines automatically. We then went to an almond and a cheese factory and it was very entertaining to see how both products were processed. On the last night that we were there we went on a dinner cruise. The dinner cruise was a pleasant way to end our trip. On the cruise we seen the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz prison, and we had a great view of the city lights at night.
I hated saying goodbye to all the new friends I met on this trip. I will keep in touch with them and can’t wait to see them at Junior Nationals. Although I had a wonderful time, it was nice to finally be on my way home. Luckily on my return flight I mastered maneuvering my way through the airport and I didn’t get lost.
-Kallie Webber, MJHA President

Junior Fall Spectacular:

The very first MJHA Fall Spectacular is being held in conjunction with the Annual MHA Fall Spectacular. The junior show will be Saturday, October 6th with the open show to follow after lunch. More information along with the entry packet can be found on the MHA Website as well as the Junior’s Facebook page.

MLE Steer of the Year:

The 2018 Steer of the year was selected at the Michigan Livestock Expo in Lansing. Charlee Klink of Garden, MI exhibited the Champion Hereford steer, which was bred and owned by the Klink family. President Jim Steketee was there to present the $500 cash prize. Charlee and her steer also went on to win Champion Hereford Steer at the UP State Fair.

2018 Steer of the Year
Exhibited by: Charlee Klink

2018 MI Points Heifer – BF 109 Salty Crystal Catniss
Exhibited by: Andrew Johnston

MI Points Heifer of the Year:

Andrew Johnston exhibited the Champion Hereford Heifer in the MI Shows Program this past year. The Heifer was bred and owned by Andrew and is a March calf out of Catapult. The MHA sponsored this division and Andrew was awarded a $150 cash prize. Andrew and his heifer were also named the MI Shows Reserve Overall Bred and Owned Heifer.

Calendar of Events:

Please visit the Calendar page for a full list of upcoming events.

MHA Fall Spectacular:

*NEW LOCATION* The fourth Annual MHA Fall Spectacular show is October 6 in Ionia MI. The MHA will again be providing a lunch for all exhibitors and spectators! We hope to make this a tradition and would love to expand this opportunity for our Breeders in the future.
Please find the Entry form here. All entrees will be due by September 20 with late entrees being excepted at the time of check in. The Entry form can also be found online at

New Website:

As stated several times throughout the Newsletter, the MHA has been working with Rebecca VanDenBerg Web Services to create the new website that is up and running! Please go look at and let us know what you think! If you have any events or exciting news to share let us know so that we can get it posted! We are also always looking for new photos of Hereford cattle to display on the web page. You can forward those to

2019 MI Beef Expo:

The MHA would like to remind the membership about the opportunity to consign bulls and females at the MI Beef Expo. More information and the consignment form will available in the winter news letter.

2018 MI Beef Expo

Lot 304, exhibited by TCG Cattle Co. of Niles, MI was the Champion Hereford female and Sunnyside Stock Farms of Edgerton, OH exhibited lot 321, the Champion Hereford bull.

MICHIGAN BEEF EXPO Highlight – What the event is all about.

2018 Michigan Hereford Association Hall of Merit Inductee

2018 Michigan Hereford Association Hall of Merit Inductee:
Breasbois Farms, Merrill, Michigan
Larry & Margaret Breasbois
Pictured are Heather Breasbois, Margaret Breasbois, Christie Johnston, and Cole and Andrew Johnston

2017 MI Beef Expo Report

Gale Laudeman Farmily of Bremen, IN consigned the Champion Hereford Female

Sunnyside Stock Farms of Edgerton, OH exhibited the Champion Hereford Bull and Supreme Champion Bull
2017 beef expo champion hereford bull

2017 MI Livestock Expo

Congratulations to Julie Thelen of St. John’s, MI for exhibiting the Champion Hereford Steer at the MI Livestock Expo! This steer also won the honor of being the first ever MI Hereford Steer of the Year (MHSY), a $1000 cash award sponsored by the MI Hereford Association and the MHSY breeder group.

2017 MLE champion hereford steer

The 2017 Michigan Beef Expo was held, March 31-April 2 at the MSU Livestock Pavilion in East Lansing. The Expo consists of eight purebred cattle breed shows and sales, displays and an industry trade show. Over 3,000 participants and visitors attended the show to invest in premier breeding stock and visit with vendors and suppliers. Youth had the opportunity to participate in educational contests and on the final day of the show the MSU’s Block and Bridle student club hosted the Junior Steer and Heifer Show.




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